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New Nike Jets Uniforms for 2012

By Matt Walker | April 3, 2012 | 0 Comment

Nike unveiled it’s new take on the NFL and overall I really love it. I think some people were expecting something REALLY radical, but from a uniform standpoint, the changes actually are very¬†significant. Teams like the Jets had a hard time squeezing their traditional looks into the newer jersey technologies and the result was a very disjointed mess in a lot of cases.

This new Nike line of jersey, worked with the challenges rather than worked around them. A perfect example is the Jets collar and shoulder stripes. As Reebok couldn’t make the stripes appear fluidly in their template, Nike was able to have the stripes appear prominently, and the Jets logo underneath the shoulder area for a tighter fit. Since they made that difficult area work, it lets them use a much tighter fabric on the chest area which just seems more sleek and I can only imagine is a huge improvement for the players to use.

I can only imagine what Nike has in store for the NFL going forward. The transition from Reebok probably made it difficult for them to make too many changes. I bet their main goal for today was just to get the NFL up to par with the college teams as far as advancements in sports technology goes. Teams like Oregon have had better equipment than the NFL for years, so they made a huge leap just getting the whole league up to par.




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