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New Adidas RGIII Commercial is Pretty Sick

By Matt Walker | July 17, 2012 | 0 Comment

I am not really a fan of Adidas. For one, their shoes never seem to fit my feet well. But as a brand, I find them extremely¬†disappointing. They seem to have cool Euro thing going on, but then they just lazily slap those 3 stupid stripes on everything and from a brand perspective that is the antithesis of what they should be doing. They make good, well thought out products that when you look at them up close are so impressive, but from any more than a few feet away, everything looks like a local U19 soccer team. NOTHING should over power strong brands like Notre Dame, Spain National Soccer team, etc, but they can’t help themselves!

But I got off point here. This is a great commercial, even though for some ridiculous reason, they have RGIII wearing gold cleats with bright green socks, which almost ruins it for me.


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