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Mark Sanchez Grants a Wish For The Make A Wish Foundation

By Matt Walker | July 20, 2012 | 0 Comment

Man… these are real tear jerkers. Very proud of my company and my favorite team for this one. Make A Wish is Such a great charity. My Wish and Mark Sanchez make Jesus David Reyes’ dream come true when he gets to meet his favorite NFL player.

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New Adidas RGIII Commercial is Pretty Sick

By Matt Walker | July 17, 2012 | 0 Comment

I am not really a fan of Adidas. For one, their shoes never seem to fit my feet well. But as a brand, I find them extremely disappointing. They seem to have cool Euro thing going on, but then they just lazily slap those 3 stupid stripes on everything and from a brand perspective that is […]

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Funny Star Wars Parody of Darth Vader Talking to Anakin

By Matt Walker | July 16, 2012 | 0 Comment

I am always a sucker for some one making jokes in either Darth Vaders outfit or a Storm Trooper suit. This one is no different 🙂

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The Tournament Challenge Challenged

By Matt Walker | March 14, 2012 | 0 Comment

The Tournament Challenge Challenged from Stan Verrett

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