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Hope Solo has The Glare and the Swagger of a Champion

By Matt Walker | July 13, 2011 | 0 Comment

Oh yeah, she’s really f’n good too.

“Confidence comes from preparation and we know we’re damn good.”
– @hopesolo quote after the game

Hope Solo in my opinion is my ideal and perfect athlete. Not female athlete, not girls soccer player, athlete. Because that is what she is. She is the ultimate competitor. She roams that field on a mission. Her glare, her intensity, the way she directs the team. She has it all.

Athletically she is extremely gifted. She is in great shape, she’s physically dominant, and she can make all the plays. But there is something stronger about her that I admire as an athlete. She is a shark. She is mentally tougher than the people she plays against. Her will to win is everything and that is what makes her the one of the best athletes in the world.

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